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17.00–21.30 Exhibition of pieces by Pasta Oner “Plan B”

PASTA ONER (1979) is one of the most perspicuous representatives of the contemporary art scene. His works reflects upon and ironizes the current pop-cultural society. He incorporates the traditional themes of fascination by a world of wealth, sex, faith, luxurious brands and consumer beauty into a new context of cybernetic society. A world where the speed of transmission of information grows exponentially and every day is lived via the aesthetics of short clips. Apart from his studio and gallery work he also represents the Czech Republic on important international cultural and social events, e.g. realisations of “Candy shop” in the Czech hall on the Shanghai expo in 2010 or during his participation in the mural in London Olympic Games in 2012. His long-term cooperation has also been with various charity projects and selling his artworks in charitable auctions.


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