Coal Mine Michal

18.00–24.00 Coal Mine Michal history in pictures

At 18.00 a festive opening of an exposition in the chain cloakroom covering the history of Coal Mine Michal will be presented using photos and documents from that era. During the whole evening mining and urban historians, contemporaries, and people from mining practice will be adding interesting facts about the past of Mine Michal. Workshops for kids in the chain cloakroom – casting metal badges. Booking ahead is not needed.

19.00–20.00, 20.30–21.30, 22.00–23.00 Night tour of Coal Mine Michal with a guide

There will be three special night guided tours of the Coal Mine Michal during the evening. Those interested in excursion will pass through the administrative building to the mining tower, through the area of the mine and conclude the tour next to a functional steam machine. Booking ahead is not needed.

19.00–21.30 Craft activity programme for kids on the exposition Lasotová/Lasota

A craft workshop for kids takes place in the guild room of Coal Mine Michal and is prepared to accompany the exposition project by Ostrava conceptual artists DášaLasotová and Milan Lasota. The programme is suitable for kids from 4 to 15 years.Children are welcome to join any time between 19.00–21.30.The programme will be supervised by students of the Department of Visual Arts Education of the Faculty of Education of the University of Ostrava.Booking ahead is not needed.


Coal Mine Michal
ČSA 95/413
715 00 Ostrava-Michálkovice
P +420 724 664 010