Antiquarian bookshop and club Fiducia


The second-hand bookshop and gallery will be open and ready with workshops for kids and parents with tutors Marcela and Max Lysáček and with a literature competition in the bookshop.

The key that unlocketh heretic fallacies or following Koniáš and libri prohibiti – a literary happening (Edvard Beneš square)

Antiquarian bookshop and club Fiducia together with a beautifying group For Beautiful Ostrava organize a special literature happening to commemorate fates of some delusionary, scandalous, suspicious or forbidden parchments and life troubles of their creators. Why did R. W. Emerson say that “every burned book enlightens the world”? Which books became instruments of politics though they did not want to? When, where and why were Hrabal’s works burned? Are Henry Miller’s texts really pure pornography? And which current publications should be burnt at stake? At least partial responses to these questions will be disclosed this evening as well as many other juicy details.  Bring your own loathed books and become apprentices of the father Koniáš!

Everything will be concluded in style among the bookshelves of the Antiquarian bookshop Fiducia over some mulled wine. In case of bad weather, the whole event will be moved inside.

The events of the Antiquarian bookshop and club Fiducia are supported by: The ministry of culture of the Czech Republic, Statutory City of Ostrava, The foundation of Czech Architecture, Moravian-Silesian region, MUDr. David Feltl, print shop Printo, Portaflex, and the municipality of Moravian Ostrava and Přívoz.


Antiquarian bookshop and club Fiducia
Nádražní 30 (entry from Mlýnská street)
702 00 Ostrava
+420 596 117 312