City gallery PLATO joins the Ostrava Museum Night by the central theme of a key as a symbol of re-gained freedom.

17.00–21.45 Key improvisations

Creation of music installations and musical instruments from keys

The wall of freedom

Messages written on a typewriter and examples of cyclostyle

Keyhole cinema

Gallery peep show

Fishing in a fish pond

Have you ever fished your keys out of a swimming pool? Contest!

22.00 Key orchestra

Common finale at the end


Temporary structures 1, 2 ,3, 4, 5, 6

Library, bistro, shop, garden, cloakroom, infopoint, cinema, stage, display
as site-specific artistic pieces

Lucie Rosenfeldová

An exhibition of an art-piece for PLATO cloakroom

Bauhaus Twins

Installations by architects from a group zukunftsgeraeusche (DE)

Geolocation PLATO

Sharing minerals and semi-precious stones
Take a stone from a garden or bring your own findings

We’ve invited an artist Ivo Škuta to collaborate on your programme this year.

Free admission

PLATO provides facilities for everyone, who wants to understand the world in a wider context. Its complexity and richness is reflected via contemporary (visual) art.

  • Interior as an artistic piece by 18 artists
  • Inspiring library with a reading room. Borrow books and take them home with you
  • Unique selection of books in a bookshop
  • Bistro and a post-apocalyptic garden
  • Every Wednesday open till 8 pm
  • Cine-Fridays in an original projection room


PLATO Ostrava, contributory organisation
Janáčkova 22 (bývalý hobbymarket Bauhaus v centru)
+420 702 206 099