The Town Hall of Ostrava

This year of the Ostrava Museum Night will be officially opened at 6 pm on the Prokeš Square in presence of the city mayor TomášMacura.

The guests can join the celebratory moment by blowing whistles, which will kick off the 2019 festival. The city will join the Ostrava Museum Night by traditional tours of the New Town Hall in non-traditional times, by night viewing from the tower and by a fun programme on Prokeš Square. The topic of the programme will be With the Symbol of the White Horse. You are invited by the host at 17.30 already.

17.30–18.00 Opening of the programme on Prokeš Square – blowing whistles will commence the Ostrava Museum Night 2019! (Prokeš Square)

At 6 pm the mayor TomášMacura will start the Ostrava Museum Night on Prokeš Square by blowing whistles together with guests to another year of a marathon of Ostrava cultural institutions.

18.00–23.00 Ostrava Country Night under a tower on Prokeš square
(Prokeš Square)

Come and have fun! Listen to easy-going country melodies of a band Goodwill. You’re going to see country dances with short workshops and a show with whips, colts, and lassos. Kids can fool around during games and activities inspired by nature. All of this under the night sky with some good coffee and nice refreshments from a mobile café and restaurant. Farmers in their market stalls will be offering fresh farm produce.

17.30–21.00 Programme for children with the centres for free time Ostrava on Prokeš Square.
(Prokeš Square)

Creative evening for children – fun activities with the teachers from the centres for free time Ostrava.

18.00–23.00 Tours of the representative parts of the New Town Hall Ostrava

Group guided tours of the New Town Hall including the study of the mayor.

18.00–22.00 Views from the Town Hall tower

Evening and night views from the tower’s top at height of 73 m into its surroundings. Two telescopes are at your disposal.


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