People’s Conservatory and Music School

17.00–20.00 Let’s create our own original jewellery

Creative workshop

We will introduce the children participants with the drawing technique (drawing beads on an elastic string) and show them how to create their own original bracelet. The adult attendees will be taught basics ofwire wrapping and we will show them the tools and material, and teach them the steps when working with a wire or semi-finished jewels. They can create their own simple wire earrings afterwards.Presentation of a fine art subject at the People’s Conservatory and Music School Ostrava will also be a part of the workshop.(by Jana Veselá).

17.30–18.00 Drama course at People’s Conservatory


The lecture will present the drama course at People’s Conservatory – what it offers, what the students will learn and how it benefits them (Mgr. Eva Polzerová)

18.30–19.30 Concert of the music department of People’s Conservatory

The students, teachers and their friends will perform with a classical repertoire.

19.00–21.00 Beginning with a digital SLR


Short introduction to the possibilities and potential of a popular camera. A part of it will also be a presentation of a subject Creative Photography at the People’s Conservatory(MgA. JiříŽižka).

20.00 – 20.30 Half-an-hour with an accordion

Concert by an accordion class of FrantiškaMachalíčková.

21.00–22.00 Concert by the jazz and popular music department

The students, teachers of the jazz and popular music department and their friends will perform.

All the events will take place in the Conservatory building at Watt street in Ostrava-Přívoz, where the headquarters are located. Music performances will take place in the music hall of People’s Conservatory.


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