Museum of Ostrava

18.00-23.00 Views from the Old Town Hall tower

The number of guests per one visit of the tower is limited to 10 persons for security reasons.

18.00–23.30 Unknown and well-known keys

Small-scale presentation of historic keys, locks and door mounting from 18th to 29th century from the collections of the Museum of Ostrava with a commentary by a historian KateřinaBarcuchová and with playful craft activities for adults and kids.

18.00–24.00 Exhibitions and permanent expositions

Art-historical collections, history of Ostrava, archeology, paleontology and geology, mineralogy, the nature and countryside of Ostrava area, ethnography and history of mining

19.00-20.00 Mamalör

Music by this band from Ostrava is inspired by Klezmer melodies from songs by wandering Jewish musicians from Eastern Europe. The musicians present Klezmer not only in its instrumental form but also its vocal part in their performances.

20.30-21.30 Mištes

A band Mištes performs in Ostrava and its music blends in streams from Romani folklore and jazz music. One of their songs is a social piece Karvinatebarišachta (“There is a large mine in Karviná”), in which altered conditions of Romani people after they came to Ostrava area are reflected.

Rights to make changes in the programme reserved.


Masarykovo náměstí 1, 728 41 Ostrava
+420 597 578 450, +420 596 123 760


Czech-Japanese cultural centre

The centre was founded in 2016 with the aim to present the richness of the Japanese culture to wider public, to group those interested in this culture, organise cultural events with Japanese themes, workshops, seminars and courses for public and present Japanese martial arts and much more. The centre offers a wide range of topic so that everyone could choose the area that they are interested the most.


Come and have a cup of tea or coffee in the Heiwa café, to the zen garden or to taste saké or Japanese beers.

Delicious exotic-fruit-flavoured nectars are prepared for kids.


Czech-Japanese cultural centre
Masaryk Square 1, Ostrava
phone 603 396 936, 605 578 017