PANT Centre

17.00–22.00 Behind a golden gate

Have you ever met one of the magical beings that roam the streets of Ostrava under moonlight? They stand by darkened corners, sip their coffee and peek into kids’ bedrooms? And have you ever heard of the dwarfs that guard their treasures in black mines deep under Ostrava? On the 8thof June we will unlock an enchanting golden gate in PANT Centre, which leads to a fairy world of Ostrava tales and legends. So, who’re you gonna call? No way! Come and take a look yourselves!

PANT Centre will open its doors to small and big kids, who are invited to enjoy a craft workshop, fun photobooth and lots of sweets that would wake zombies up from their graves.


PANT Centre, Čs. Legií 222, Ostrava
+420 773 965 019